Christian Theater Ministries
 Q:       How can I join the organization as a volunteer?
  • Any one over the age of twelve can join the organization by agreeing to CTM's "Belief Statement"
  • Any one under the age of thirteen will need their parent's or guardian's approval
  • Simply contact CTM by e-mail or phone, and let us know about you
 Q:     How can I join the Team of Leaders?
  1. Submit a resume
  2. The resume will be reviewed by the Team of Leaders
  3. The successful candidate may be offered a position or other non-published opportunities within CTM
 Q:       How does the organization obtain funds to operate?
  • Various fund-raising activities throughout the year (bake sales, carnivals, etc.)
  • Through business, church, and individual donations
 Q:       How can I contact or get more information about CTM?

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